Reply to the Lay NunMatsuno

Reply to the Lay NunMatsuno

IAM hated by the people of this country of Japan. No one comes pushing his way [through the snow] to where I am, and yet you have shown such kindness in thinking of me! It is as wonderful as fire from a stone or a lotus blossom in the flames—something extremely rare, rare indeed!

With my deep respect,


The twenty-first day of the first month

Reply to the lay nun Matsuno


This is a reply to the lay nun Matsuno, the wife (or mother, by another account) of Matsuno Rokurō Saemon-no-jō. Though the year of this letter is unknown, it was written by Nichiren Daishonin at Minobu to thank the lay nun for the offerings she had sent. He expresses praise and appreciation, calling her consideration something extremely rare.

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