Reply to Nishiyama

Reply to Nishiyama

FOR some time now, thinking of your next existence, you have been very sincere in your search for the way, and accordingly I have instructed you in the terminology alone. With regard to such terminology, you should seek further explanation from your fellow practitioners. Since it is easy to understand, such a course requires no great expenditure of wisdom, no great expenditure of wisdom.

With my deep respect,


The twenty-third day of the first month

Reply to Nishiyama


The year of this letter is unknown, and only a fragment of the last page remains. It was sent to the lay priest of Nishiyama, a follower of Nichiren Daishonin who lived at Nishiyama in Fuji District of Suruga Province. The Daishonin praises Nishiyama’s desire to attain the way, or enlightenment, for the sake of his next existence, and encourages him to seek further explanation of terminology from his fellow practitioners.

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