Reply to the Wife of Hyōe no Sakan

Reply to the Wife of Hyōe no Sakan

IHAVE received the silk-lined robe sent by you, the wife of Hyōe no Sakan. I have reported your act of great kindness before the Lotus Sutra.

Though I am inclined to doubt it, the priests here say that, because you have no children, you have lost all hope regarding worldly affairs. If so, this would be very regrettable. I trust, however, that this is not the case.

With my deep respect,


The twenty-fifth day of the eleventh month

Reply to the wife of Hyōe no Sakan


This is Nichiren Daishonin’s reply to the wife of Ikegami Hyōe no Sakan Munenaga, offering appreciation for a silk-lined robe she had sent him. He expresses concern over a report that, with no children, she has become forlorn of hope, but says he trusts in her inner strength. The year of this writing is not known.

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