Reply to Kakushō-bō

Reply to Kakushō-bō

IUNDERSTAND and sympathize with the troubles of the lay priest Yagenta.1 I hope that you, Kakushō-bō,2 will convey word of this situation to his lord.

With my deep respect,


The eighteenth day of the seventh month

To Kakushō-bō


All that remains of this letter is this brief fragment. No details have come to light about Kakushō-bō, the recipient, or the situation the Daishonin refers to.


1. Yagenta may refer to Hōjō Yagenta, a follower of Nichiren Daishonin who lived in Kamakura. He was a member of the ruling Hōjō clan. In 1268 the Daishonin sent him one of eleven letters of remonstrance  when a delegate from the Mongol Empire arrived with the ruler’s missive demanding tribute from Japan.

2. Kakushō-bō was a disciple of the Daishonin, but little is known about him.

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