Questions and Answers on the Object of Devotion Chapter12-1

Questions and Answers on the Object of Devotion Chapter12-1

———————————-(continued from Chapter11-5)———————————-

These grossly erroneous rites have over the years gradually made their way to the Kanto region. True Word followers now act as superintendents or attendant priests of various temples there and again and again perform such ceremonies. The men of this area, being warriors from the outlying regions, are incapable of judging what is correct or incorrect in matters of Buddhist doctrine, but simply believe that anything that pays honor to the three treasures is acceptable. It is quite natural, therefore, that they have taken up these True Word rites.

This situation has prevailed for some years, till it has come to the point where our country has been attacked from abroad and is on the verge of being destroyed.

Now not only the priests of the eight provinces of the Kanto region27 but the chief priests and superintendents of Mount HieiTō-jiOnjō-ji, and the seven major temples of Nara have all come under the jurisdiction of the Kamakura shogunate. The shogunate has thus become a patron of the very same kind of grossly erroneous rites that were earlier favored by the retired emperor who was exiled to Oki.

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27. Sagami, Musashi, Awa, Kazusa, Shimōsa, Hitachi, Kōzuke, and Shimotsuke.

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