Concerning the Statue of Shakyamuni Buddha Fashioned by Nichigen-nyo Chapter5

Concerning the Statue of Shakyamuni Buddha Fashioned by Nichigen-nyo Chapter5


———————————-(continued from Chapter4)————————————-

This country of Japan may be called a women’s country. These islands were created by the Sun Goddess.8 In this land of Japan there are 1,994,828 men and 2,994,830 women. These men and women are all followers of the Nembutsu. And because they practice the Nembutsu, they make Amida Buddha their object of devotion, and the prayers of their present existence are likewise directed at him. Even if they should fashion or paint an image of Shakyamuni Buddha, their aim would be to attain rebirth in the pure land of Amida Buddha. Their real purpose is not to pay honor to Shakyamuni Buddha, so it would be better if they did not fashion or paint such an image at all.

Now, Nichigen-nyo, though you have fashioned this image of Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, because you wish to pray for [peace and security in] your present existence, you are without doubt assuring the same in your next existence as well. Among all the 2,994,830 women of Japan, you should think of yourself as number one.

I will write in more detail at another time.

With my deep respect,



The second day of the second month in the second year of Kōan [1279]

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8. According to Japanese mythology, the male and female deities Izanagi and Izanami stood on the Floating Bridge of the Heavens and plunged a jewel-crested spear into the ocean below. When they pulled it free, the water that dripped from it coagulated to form the first island of the Japanese archipelago. The two gods descended to the island and performed a marriage rite. Then Izanami gave birth to the islands of Japan. The Sun Goddess was born from the left eye of Izanagi while he was purifying himself in a river. She was assigned to rule the High Celestial Plain and is regarded as the progenitor of the Japanese imperial line.

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