Reply to the Sage Iwamoto Nitchū

Reply to the Sage Iwamoto Nitchū

ARE we to suppose that this applies to two Buddhas at the same time? Or is one of the parties speaking lies?

In recent times the Nembutsu believers have deluded and led astray the whole world! One should wake up to this fact as quickly as possible!

Incidentally, I was surprised and delighted to receive the fine horse you sent. There are various matters I want to discuss when I see you next.

With my deep respect,


The twentieth day of the ninth month

Reply to the Sage Iwamoto Nitchū

My studies during this period have been solely for this purpose. And I have heard a rumor that teachers of the True Word school have appealed to the authorities.


This is a fragment of a letter that was addressed to Iwamoto Nitchū. One view identifies him with Buzen-kō, who was a follower of Nichiren Daishonin, and who, as a resident priest of Jissō-ji temple in Suruga Province, received from him a letter entitled Jissō-ji Temple. The meaning of the first sentence is unclear, but one opinion suggests that “two Buddhas” indicates Shakyamuni Buddha and Mahāvairochana Buddha, and another suggests Shakyamuni Buddha and Amida Buddha.

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