Letter to the Lay NunZenichi

Letter to the Lay NunZenichi

IN the past your husband, the lay priest, came here to Kai from the province of Sado—I thought that was a wonderful thing. And this year now he has come again, picking greens, drawing water, gathering firewood, just as King Suzudan did for the seer Asita, and continuing for a whole month—how wonderful! I can’t tell you all I feel in a mere letter. And this will work entirely to your benefit as well.

I have inscribed a Gohonzon for you. I am certain that we will meet in the pure land of Eagle Peak.

With my deep respect,


The twelfth day of the fourth month

The lay nun Zenichi


This letter was written to the lay nun Zenichi. The year is not indicated, but is thought to have been 1278. Zenichi was a resident of Sado Island, whose husband had journeyed to Minobu and spent a month there serving and assisting Nichiren Daishonin and his disciples. The Daishonin expresses his deep gratitude for his support and tells the lay nun that “this will work entirely to your benefit as well.” He says he has inscribed a Gohonzon, the object of devotion, for the couple, and that he will meet her in the pure land of Eagle Peak.

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